The Blue horsy Story

Fantastic Hair Products Delivered To Your Door.

You know how fantastic your hair feels (and you feel) when you have just left the salon? What if you could feel fantastic all of the time and not just when you visit the salon?

We have selected only the hair care products that we truly love and we know you will too. We want that salon look to extend into weeks so you don't have to hide under a hat or up-do until you set foot in a salon again - great hair is for life not one week every 2 months!

"Blue horsy has been in the hair business in NZ for nearly 20 years. We are using our reputation and influence in the industry to bring you some fantastic hair care deals. Our promise to you is to provide you with the best quality products make it easy and always keep it fun."

Blue horsy has provided fantastic hair service and the best quality hair products to its local clientele. For the past 22 years Blue horsy has been owned and run by me. I'm a skilled hairdresser, who has a genuine love for the hairdressing industry and I wanted to make our fantastic Blue horsy experience available to all, by making our products available online.

"My vision is to make people feel great about themselves!" 

At Blue horsy we intend to make you feel great about yourself through providing you with the best quality hair products sourced from around the world. It is my intention that the online experience of shopping with us is a fun and rewarding one!

The Blue horsy culture is strong and important to us, we live and breathe our values everyday:

We stand for integrity and respect
We provide creative and holistic guidance
We encompass fair-mindedness
We embrace community collaboration
We make sustainable decisions
We want you to be a part of our family

I would love to hear from you so drop me a line and please follow us below on Facebook and check out our amazing work on Instagram!"