Are you one of those who loves to eat good while travelling? But always try to stay on low budget?

This blog post is about some of the restaurants in Ljubljana centre that are not expensive so if you are visiting our lovely city and wondering where to eat in Ljubljana here is a list of top 5 Ljubljana restaurants. Make sure to try at least one of them when you visit Ljubljana to experience their delicious and affordable food.


1.) CENTRAL STATION (Trubarjeva road 23)


So, if you're into delicious fried egg and ham for breakfast (well if your tummy isn't too full from breakfast in House Vida) or delicious burgers with fries and salad than this is the place for you. Prices starts at 2.70 eur for pizza, 2.90 eur for burgers with fries and 5.90 eur for the whole meal that includes soup, main dish and salad. And I promise you that the portions are really big. Restaurant is situated in the centre of the city and is opened from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (weekends until 3:00 PM). Friendly staff and really nice interior will welcome you with open hands.

PS They offer some delicious home made ice tea and other drinks too.


You can get more information about Central Station here.


2.) DA BU DA (Šubičeva 1A)


Our next suggestion is a thai restaurant  situated in the centre of the city. So if you're more into asian cooking than Da bu da is a perfect place for you. They serve everything, from soups to different kinds of noddles with different toppings and of course they have desserts too. Prices for the main dishes start at 5.70 eur but the serving size is usually quite big so don't worry to leave the restaurant hungry. They serve lunch from 11:00 AM to 15:00 PM so make sure you come at that time. In the afternoon and the evening you can still enjoy some snacks and cocktails.




You can get more information about Da Bu Da here


3.) CAFE ROMEO (Stari trg 6


Yeah you guessed it. There is also a Julia situated opposite the Romeo restaurant, right in the old part of the city Ljubljana. I wanted to mention Cafe Romeo because they offer a really good Mexican food and amazing pancakes. In their menu you'll find salads, tortillas, quesadas... and of course pancakes with different toppings. Prices for main dishes start at around 7,00 eur. So to sum it up: if you're into Mexican or sweet food than Romeo is definitely place to visit.


PS They also offer a lot of different cocktails, so if you come by night, make sure to take a taxi on the way home;) 


You can get more information about Cafe Romeo here


4.) SOBA 102 (Cankarjeva road 4) 


Soba 102 one of the newest restaurants in Ljubljana as it's only been open since last winter. They offer delicious and unique food anyone can afford. On their menu you can find dishes like tuna with basil sauce, whole grain pasta with pumpkin sauce and eggs and much more. Prices for the main dishes starts at 7,50 eur. So if you want to eat something a bit more special than just regular pasta or burger with fries, that this is a place for you. 

Soba 102 opens at 8:00 AM (Saturday at 10 AM) and closes at 12:00 PM (weekends 1:00 PM). 


PS if you're into healthy desserts they offer a delicious #lowsugar chocolate and fruit cheesecakes. 


You can get more information about Soba 102 here. 


5.) PIZZERIA TUNEL (Karlovška cesta 5


Well some of use are sometimes quite picky about the food we eat while travelling and we all agree that pizza is the safest choice, right? But still, it has to be yummy. About 5 minutes of walking away from the centre of the city there is a nice restaurant with a delicious and affordable pizzas (prices starts at 7,10 eur). Don't worry,  they also have salads and different kinds of pasta so there is no way you'll leave hungry, even if you are not a pizza lover. 


Restaurant opens at 11 AM (Saturday at 12 AM) and closes at 10 PM.



LITTLE EXTRA TIP: After your lunch you can take a walk to the Ljubljana castle that is nearby. You'll burn that extra calories and enjoy the perfect view of the city. You can get all the information about locations and how to get there at the reception desk in Slovenian House Vida. PS If you would like some dessert after you main dish take a look at our list of Top 5 sweet restaurants to satisfy four sweet tooth here.

Copyright by: Slovenian House

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