Adventure Parks


There are a lot of destinations in Slovenia that are fun both for children and their parents. If you are thinking of visiting a destination that would be fun for the whole family we have a couple suggestions for the best destinations to visit that will make you and your kids really happy.




Are you ready for a family adventure up in the trees?


Postojna adventure park is located in an all natural forest environment right next to the Postojna Cave entrance. Here you can test your courage and balance in a unique track set up high between the trees. The entire track is made from 78 different obstacles that include climbing nets, ladders, swing bridges and even ropes and zip wires.


Because they have different trails designed for people of all ages, the youngest ones still get their fair share of adventures about 2 metres above ground, while adults set off to conquer a more challenging track up to 14 metres above ground.


The entire adventure is also very safe as instructors are with you the whole time to ensure your safety and to encourage you on your way.  This adventure park is a lovely experience that will include lots of fun for the whole family.





To spend some in a ZOO is always a good idea if you are travelling with children. In Ljubljana ZOO you will be able to see the beauty and diversity of nature but what makes this ZOO stand out is their awesome program. They have all kinds of fun projects going on. For example every last weekend in the month they prepare a scheduled program named Toys and Treats for Animals through which visitors are able to follow how the keepers care for the animals and how they surprise them every week with Toys and Treats and how they show they care for the welfare and happiness of the animals.  


They also have a program named Meet Your Favourite Animal. This is the perfect way to get to know more about yours. The event lasts 30minutes and in that time the caretaker will answer any questions you might have about your favourite animal and tell you how they take care of her and train her. They will also allow you close contact with the animal if that is possible and you will get to feed them some treats as well.
All sorts of different fun events like »being a caretaker for one day« and »photo safari«  are also available. A caretaker guides you through the ZOO and leads you to the best spots to take a picture of them. You can also buy coupons to feed the animals or go camping there.







Dino Park Bled is an educational theme park that takes you through the history of the universe and our planet. All the Dinosaurs that are displayed are seen in their natural size and they even have the Biggest T-Rex in Europe. Visitors can learn about the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period in the central part of the park, where an exhibition of replicas of animals living in those periods is displayed at all times. The park also shows architectural features of the world`s civilisations like Rome, Egypt, ancient Greece and Stonehenge. They also have a children's playground where they have built a trampoline, a sandpit, a playground and they even have a mini Zip-Line for kids. A fun and smart destination to take your little ones to, especially if you are visiting Bled Lake as this is also located in Bled.






A visit to any of these Parks will be time well spent with your family.  Do not hesitate and visit if you are close by I'm sure you will have plenty of new fun memories to share with your friends by the time you finish. 


Copyright by: Slovenian House

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