Mysterious Valley of Hell

This is a really amazing destination in Slovenia, and due to the difficulty of the trail, it is also not very widely known. But with a little effort here, you are able to discover a hidden valley full of majestic sights and most amazing nature, if you dare to visit Hell. 😈 


To travel to Hell in Slovenia is actually much more pleasant than it sounds.  Hell is a glorious Gorge near the town Borovnica. The Borovniščica creek carved its way through rock and stone and created a beautiful valley surrounded and guarded by immense rocks, that despite their might succumbed to the might of Borovniščica Creek and left behind the most beautiful natural phenomenon. The Hell Gorge. 😍



In this beautiful hidden valley that was named after Hell but looks more like Heaven, you can see fast twinkling rapids and beautiful deep pools that the river makes while finding its way forward.  But that is not all. Hell is most known for its number of mesmerising waterfalls.



There are an astounding five waterfalls in the valley. Each successive waterfall is more glorious than the previous one and the Fifth waterfall is the biggest with a 20m plunge of cascading water.  






The path through this gorge is beautiful and very rewarding, but there is also a reason why this gorge was named Hell. While the path to the first waterfall is easily accessible and appropriate for everyone, the same cannot be said for the rest of the trail, as it can be very difficult and steep at times.  


There are also some sections where you have to climb, so this one isn`t suitable for young children either. And while the valley is a tremendously beautiful and rewarding sight and it should definitely be avoided after heavy rainfall, then it might start looking true to its name.



Only the bravest enter this wild Gorge, but they path they take is truly beautiful as nature here is completely unspoilt <3






Copyright by: Slovenian House

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