Destination: The Tower of Love

The view that greets you on top of the tower is very impressive. 😍 Our highest mountain Triglav that lays in the Julian Alps is visible and the view even stretches all the way to our neighbouring countries Austria, Croatia and Hungary. If you look to the south a line between two worlds is also revealed to you; the Sub-Alpine and Sub-Panonian worlds.  

The Tower of Love is 25,90 metres tall and is thoughtfully placed upon the 669 metres high Žusem hill.  There are 116 steps that lead you to the top of the tower and it`s viewing platforms.  It was named the Tower of Love because Žusem hill is also the home of a little church dedicated to St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of Lovers. ❤️🔔  A wishing bell has also been installed at the top. Not just lovers, everyone gets a wish when they make it to the top. 😉💜

In the 12th century, the Žusem hill was the home of the Žusem Counts, and the ruins of the once glorious castle can actually be found very close by so if you have enough time, they are also an interesting destination.  There is also a Castle Wellspring in the area and the Legend says that its water even has healing properties.


Legend has it that the healing water was found by the castle hunters. One day, while they were on a hunt one of the hunters, became ill. It was winter and while they were carrying the ill man to the castle, they saw a patch of land in the snow and water that was not frozen. They patient was given this water to drink and soon he was relieved. The Wellspring can be found in Dobrina, which is also an excellent starting point for the Tower of Love. 😉💜











PS: The beautiful Slivniško Lake is just 15 minutes from the tower.


Distance: Roughly 1 hour by car from Slovenian House Vida

Copyright by: Slovenian House

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